Kiasus.com was founded by 2 kiasus, quite literally.

We live a life of missing out on things, having spent most of our teenage years – pursuing personal goals & achievements.

And so does most singaporeans too.

Life in Singapore is so chaotic & stale at the same time.

We are constantly playing catch up, on studies, CCA/extra-activities, portfolio, work & social life.

It feels like a never-ending routine of stumbling upon something new that we fancy, just to not have time for it.

And as kiasus, we know how it’s like.

We are given the “go study, get in uni, start dating, settle down and have a family.” speech too.

And if that isn’t for you, it’s fine too!

Life isn’t as stale as you are taught.

And we try our best here to help you make better decisions, by bringing you awareness of what’s out there, personal recommendation/reviews and helping you understand what’s right for you & what’s not.

And we hope what we do here is helpful.