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Our small F&B businesses need our help more than ever!


Without warning, the COVID-19 pandemic has hit us hard! And we weren’t prepared for the overnight, swift and strict social distancing measure put in place.

The lock-down has force locals to stay home while tourists can’t come in… and this is hurting the F&B badly!

With the lack of customers and the already razor-thin margin, it’ll not be surprising to see many of our favorite stores closed down even after this has ended.

To counter this, many operators have turn take away menus and deliveries… 

And we need your help and support by ordering from them.

That’s why we have created a list of local food directory that is open and offers food delivery during this period of time.

Although the situation might be gloomy, it will also mean that you get to try new food outlets in the comfort of your home.

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How to use:

Type in keyword of your the food you’re looking for,

Or filter based on the price and locations.

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